Your social media presence is becoming less and less private when it comes to showing your activity on any given app or platform. Facebook's Messenger tells your friends the second you log in or log off, SnapChat shows the exact amount of seconds since a friend opened your picture and now Instagram is joining in on the trend. 

If your Instagram has been updated recently, you'll see in your direct chat section that the last time your friends were on is stated under their name. It will also read "active now" if that user is currently on the app. 

Only users you follow or have a history of chatting with can see your activity. So don't fear, that random person that DM's you all the time can't see when you are currently online. If this feature is simply not your thing, it can be disabled in your phones settings menu. 

This new update is just one of the many new features that Instagram has rolled out in the last six months alone. With the way social media apps are updating, maybe Twitter will be the next to try such a thing. 

What do you guys think?