Be careful out there in the wide world of Instagram. Ever since Instagram moved past its initial test period, they’ve been letting anyone and everyone with a few dollars to their name create and run advertising. This has led to some very questionable companies advertising on the service, and NiceKicks has done a good job of compiling a few examples.

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to sell their high-priced sneakers on Instagram, as the image-centric social platform puts your product front and center. However, some knock-off sneaker sellers have realized this and are creating ads that promote extremely fake sneakers. Serious sneakerheads might be able to spot the fakes right off the bat, but for everyone else let this be a useful PSA – if you see an $800 pair of Yeezys offered for less one quarter of their normal price, it’s probably pretty sus.

Some people might be inclined to go for the fake pair anyway, because most people won’t know the difference and the cost is significantly less. Let us implore you to just not get any sneakers in that case, because replica kicks are often made under extremely poor conditions in 3rd world countries. If you think Nike’s factory’s are bad, imagine a business that doesn’t get any international attention for their workers’ rights and quality of life.

On another note, if you see a HotNewHipHop ad out there, give us a follow. We promise not to sell you any fake shit.