If any of you Instagram addicts out there are looking for a new way to add music to your stories, you may just be in luck.

According to Tech Crunch, some new source code found inside the Android version of the app strongly hints that Instagram will be adding a "music stickers" feature some time in the future. The feature would reportedly allow you to search a song and add it to your video, as well as determine what song you're listening to in the video (à la Shazam), and provide you with a helpful label to place in your story. 

This is likely possible due to the licensing agreements Facebook recently made with Sony and Warner Universal, allowing you to use their vast catalogues of music without suffering a copyright violation. 

This feature is great for being able to better curate your stories, allowing you to add the perfect music to the video after the fact. It also allows Instagram to potentially compete with popular lip-syncing app, Musical.ly.

Instagram declined to comment on the new feature, and it's entirely possible that they could just scrap the whole thing before it ever sees the light of day. However, getting users to want to listen as well as watch the stories seems to be in their best interest. The stories provide a valuable source of ad revenue for Instagram, and advertisers obviously want to be heard as well as seen. 

What do you think about this new feature? Cool, or just a waste of time?