Celebrity has its pitfalls, and the possibility of stalkers is one of them. Mega popstar Rihanna may have been the target of one recently, when an intruder broke into her Southern California home.

TMZ reports that a man was found snooping around her house and was apprehended on the spot. According to the police, the suspect told them that someone emailed him instructions on how to break into Rih Rih's home, and apparently they worked. The man was in the house for awhile before neighbors of the singer noticed something was up. The neighbors went to Rihanna's home and confronted the man, when they realized he was an intruder they detained him while calling the police. 

The cops arrested the man, taking him into custody. He is currently being investigated for burglary. 

It appears Rihanna was not home at the time of the intrusion, the pop star turned 25 this past week and was in Hawaii celebrating. You can check out photos from her birthday celebrations with Chris Brown in the gallery above.

[Update: Rihanna Gets Restraining Order Against Intruder]

TMZ reports that Rihanna has filed legal documents expressing that she fears for her safety, and has been granted a restraining order against home intruder Steveland Barrow.

The temporary restraining order prohibits Barrow, who recently broke into Rih Rih's home, slept in her bed, and stole her property, from coming within 100 meters of the pop star.

The strangest part of the report is that according to Rihanna's lawyer, Barrow was released from custody and has since disappeared.