Hollywood is grieving the loss of another great talent today. Irrfan Khan has reportedly passed away unexpectedly at the age of 53. Khan was known as a celebrated crossover actor who amassed success in in his home country of India, throughout Europe, and in the United States. If he looks familiar, he should. He's starred in films like The Amazing Spider-Man, Jurassic World, The Namesake, and the Oscar Award-winning films Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire.

Irrfan Khan
Jag Gundu / Stringer / Getty Images

Condolences from friends and fans have been pouring into social media as people remember the beloved actor fondly. "No one could show the range of emotions with their eyes as much as #IrrfanKhan could," one person wrote on Twitter. "From Maqbool to Paan Singh Tomar to Lunchbox, I have loved watching his acting. Gone too soon. A true international star."

According to The New York Times, Irrfan Khan was admitted to the hospital last week to treat an infection in his colon. A spokesperson stated that the actor was living with cancer and succumbed to his infection today (April 29). We've collected a few tweets from people who admired Irrfan Khan and we send our sincerest condolences to his loved ones. Read through kind words below.