Gigi Hadid is well-known for her exploits as a model for Victoria's Secret. Her stunning looks have been turning heads and making straight men drool for several years now, proving to be one of the brand's most recognizable personalities. However, one of the biggest names on the VS circuit will be noticeably absent from their runway show in China this week and, if you believe the Internet theories as to why, she got booted from the lineup for making insensitive remarks about Asians.

According to TMZ, Gigi announced that she wouldn't be making it to their big overseas showcase this time around. In an announcement earlier today, she stated that she "won't be able to make it to China this year," adding she's still very much supporting her VS family from afar and added that she couldn't "wait for next year!" There was no elaboration from Hadid or Victoria's Secret in general about why she'll be a no-show, but Twitter users were, as usual, ready and waiting with several theories.

The most scandalous one involves the fact that Gigi made an insensitive, racist gesture that was perceived by many as mockery of Asians in general. The video footage of the young model, who was filmed making a Buddha face, is cringeworthy to be sure, but is it enough to have her kicked out of a high-profile runway show? At least a portion of the Internet seems to think so.

The silver lining for fans of the Hadid sisters is that Bella will still be making an appearance at the China runway showcase. In fact, she's been making appearances in the hip-hop tabloids as well. Recently, The Weeknd was spotted exiting her NYC apartment, sparking rumors that the two were back on again after the Starboy singer broke it off with former flame Selena Gomez. Those whispers seem to go against a previous storyline that she and Drake have been involved in a quasi-secret romance for months now, meeting late at night and in secret so as to avoid the watchful eye of the paparazzi. I mean, how could the two Canadian stars not be smitten with her?