RevoltTV is reporting that Jay Z may be performing a secret show in Brooklyn-- and it's about to go down RIGHT NOW. The hint provides the address 421 Troutman Street, and claims that Justin Timberlake and Beyonce will join him as special guests.

With the VMAs happening in BK tomorrow this would not be out of the question.

So far no sign of the Jigga man, according to Complex.

More coverage to come as information arrives.


Update: Still No Jay In Sight

RevoltTV has now deleted their tweet, and there has been no sign of Jay, Bey or JT since the announcement. However, fans are still occupying the location in anticipation. 

[UPDATE: Free Jay Z Show Rumors Reportedly False]

There were rumors earlier today that Jigga would be performing a secret/free show in Brooklyn today, and they seem to be just that-- rumors. Diddy's Revolt TV Network seemed to have started them up with their initial tweet, however the same company later sent out a tweet telling followers to disregard their earlier tweet about the 'secret show' on 421 Troutman Street.

Revolt tweeted without a further explanation, "Please disregard our previous statement about the Jay Z show. We will keep you updated with further details. Apologies to all waiting in BK."