Surprise drops have become the way. Kanye West, no stranger to unpredictability, has thrived in such an environment; few can forget how he essentially hijacked the month of June in the name of his artistic cause. Now, it would appear that Ye isn't finished, and his latest tweet has fans speculating that a new album is imminent. And not simply any new album, but possibly a sequel to the divisive Yeezus. 

True, Ye is allowing a picture to speak a thousand words right now, leaving us to fill in the blank canvas. Neglecting to provide any real context, Ye's Yeezus callback is clearly album artwork. It's uncertain whether or not the project will actually follow in Yeezus' footsteps, but it wouldn't be surprising given Kanye's recent appreciation for hedonistic content. He is, after all, a "sick fuck," and Yeezus gave us the ultimate look into his perverse mindstate "I'm In It."

In any case, we're intrigued by what Kanye West is proposing. Recall that CyHi The Prynce briefly reignited hope for a Yeezus sequel last year. Now, given Kanye's sudden bout of musical generosity, it seems entirely possible that Yeezus 2 is finally about to be unearthed.