Here we go again. You surely remember when Gucci Mane was released from prison a few years ago, there was a lot of chatter over whether the man on the outside was the real Guwop. Get ready because we've got a whole new conspiracy theory on our hands. This weekend, a new photo of Kodak Black was posted to social media, showing the rapper in his jumpsuit while he trashed all his lawyers. While the man in the picture definitely looks like Kodak, there is something off about it. Fans think they may have caught the latest example of a rap clone because all over social media, people are wondering over whether or not the real Bill K. Kapri is shown in the prison image.

Fans appear to be convinced that the man in the photo shared to Kodak Black's Instagram page is NOT actually of the Floridian artist. While everything points to this actually being a shot of the Project Baby behind bars, people are marking major differences in their facial features, copying old photos next to the new one and trying to spread the news that a possible clone is out in the open.

Do you believe this narrative or are people just reaching? Could Kodak Black be a clone? And if he is, do you think he'll experience more success (like Gucci) when he gets released?