A curious addition to Lil Uzi Vert's Instagram story is making us think he may be releasing new music sooner than we think. The rapper shared a photo of a physical CD case with dead roses on the cover with "BUT LOVE WAITS." at the bottom of the art. Uzi never stops and, as frequent collaborator Don Cannon shared, he makes around 700 songs per year. While only a percentage of these songs will ever see the light of day, the Philly product has more than enough material to release a few albums this year. 

Uzi included a small emoji covering his mouth, as the physical cover is mainly a surprise as we were not expecting any full projects this soon from him. Today is Valentine's Day after all, and the cover, like much of Uzi's catalog, includes mentions of love. Love is a running theme in Uzi's releases with past projects centering on his relationship struggles and triumphs. Could we be seeing a project as soon as today? We may be reaching but the prospect has us hyped.

Whether this post is a troll or if a project is on the horizon will need to be determined as we're sure this will develop further. Regardless, the prospect of a new Uzi album is enticing and would be a refreshing start to 2018 among an already stacked release calendar.