While Cardi B will be the first to tell you she doesn't have any issues with Nicki Minaj anymore, it looks like there may be some behind-the-scenes drama between the two. Shutting down their "fake beef" earlier this month, both Cardi and Nicki seemed to be going their separate ways as Minaj prepared her forthcoming Queen album. When the Pink Friday artist tweeted some motivational thoughts to her fellow queens to know their worth, Offset posted (and then deleted) a few tweets that some believe are in response to Nicki. While Cardi and Offset were not mentioned by name at all in the inspirational uploads, the Migos member stuck up for his wife as he may have believed that they were under attack.

While everything that happens behind-the-scenes will not come to the light, there does appear to still be some animosity between the two top female stars in rap. After Nicki tweeted about having men treat her like "dog shit" and being proposed to multiple times just to "show off a ring" for the 'gram, Offset seemingly fired back at Nicki, writing, "Misreable," with a crying emoji. Set followed up by saying, "A lot of people want t b happy like me n wifey @iamcardib B U T T H E Y N O T." In a separate post, he continued, "SINCE WE MET MF BEEN HATING EVERYBODY GOT AN OPINION GOD BLESS AMERICA ALOT EVIL OUT HERE ALOT OF HATE NO LOVE SHIT CRAZY." 

While neither side could be throwing shade at the other, it certainly appears as though the posts could be directed at Nicki. The Queen Barb's fans seem to be unanimous in thinking Offset was coming for Nicki with the deleted posts while Minaj's tweet was likely just a general statement. What do you think?