As you no doubt already know, Future and Young Thug surprised the world with the drop of Super Slimeya thirteen track collaboration between the two Atlanta heavyweights. As expected, the album set the internet ablaze, with many fans praising the project and celebrating the unexpected nature of the release. Yet in a competitive genre like hip-hop, projects of this nature are often hit with immediate comparisons, and Young Thug fans were quick to square off with the Drake die-hards. And while it's admittedly difficult to withstand Drizzy's insurmountable tidal wave of support, many were quick to brand Super Slimey a superior project to Drake & Future's 2015 collaboration What A Time To Be Alive. 

I suppose that comparisons were inevitable, seeing as Future is the common denominator between both projects. Not to mention the fact that Young Thug is a divisive artist in his own right; his fans revere him as a genre-bending musical messiah, while his haters are quick to attack his credibility as a rapper and clown on his penchant for cross-dressing. Yet the fact remains that both Drake and Thugger have been consistently dropping quality material, and the former's More Life and the latter's Beautiful Thugger Girls are sure to top many a year-end list. Hell, Future himself may very well have two albums atop 2017's best-of roundups. 

Yet what happens when artists of this caliber team up? While some duos have immortalized themselves in legend, have the combination of Future/Drake or Future/Thug done enough to earn themselves a spot at the table? While that's probably a discussion for another day, it would still be interesting to see how the community feels about Future and Thug's latest. So, after living with it over the weekend, do you feel like Super Slimey is a superior project to What A Time To Be Alive? Or is it still too soon to tell?