According to new reports, ISIS has claimed to be responsible for a recent suicide bombing that took place in Kabul. It was a Pakistani assailant who detonated a vest inside of a ShiaweddingonSaturday, killing 63 people and injuring at least 180 more.

The attack comes just days before Afghan Independence Day is to be celebrated on Monday. It marks the latest ina string of similar attacks in the area, Earlier in the month, three suicide bombers working for the Taliban killed 14 people and injured 145 more. The areas where the attacks have taken place within Kabul is an epicenter for Shiite Hazara Afghanis, targets of the Taliban and ISIS terrorist organization who do not recognize Shiite Muslims as true follows of the Islam faith.

Among those killed in Saturday's attack were women and children.

"We were planning to sleep when we heard the sound of a loud explosion," an anonymous witness told CNN. "When I came outside, I saw smoke coming out of the hall. I saw dead bodies and wounded people, who were being taken to hospitals by policemen and Kabul ambulances. We are too in shock, too upset by the incident."

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani took to Twitter to condemn the attack, also placing blame on the Taliban for providing a "platform for terrorists."
"My top priority for now is to reach out to the families of victims of this barbaric attack," Ghani added on Twitter.