Bill Nye the Science Guy is the after-school personality we all know and love from the 1990's. The animated Bill Nye successfully entertained us with the wonders of science from 1993-1998, and it seems that Disney reaped a disproportionate amount of the benefits in the eyes of the TV star. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nye is taking Disney to court over profits of the show, as he claims that he did not get an appropriate piece of the pie. 

Bill Nye
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

This week a Los Angeles Superior Court set up a trial for May 2020 where Bill can pursue punitive damages against Disney. Bill Nye has submitted his fourth amended complaint which states an estimated $28 million in damages for what he should have received in profits from Disney for his popular show Bill Nye The Science Guy. Nye is also claiming punitive damages in regards to how The Walt Disney Company has "a long and consistent pattern of under-reporting revenue and improperly applying deductions."  

Disney's defense is trying to chalk it up to an accounting issue and contractual one as well. They also say that Nye knew what was happening early on and waited too long to respond accordingly. L.A. Superior Court Judge Dalila Lyons has given summary judgment to Disney in regards to participation statements from prior to December 8, 2011, which is three years before Nye requested an audit. 

A 10-day trial is expected although the time-period may vary.