Sneaker release dates have been all out of whack over the past few weeks due to the Coronavirus. Of course, with stores closing down, there isn't as much of an opportunity for consumers to go out and buy goods. Sneakers fall into this trap and therefore, some of the biggest releases of the year have been delayed by weeks and in some cases, months. 

One of the shoes that are being delayed is a collaboration that no one knew was actually meant for the public. If you remember, J Balvin wore his very own colorful Air Jordan 1 at the Super Bowl. The sneaker had an interesting tie-dye aesthetic with plenty of textures and references to the artist. 

While talking to Highsnobiety, Balvin revealed that the shoe had been planned to release to the public although the Coronavirus ended up getting in the way. Despite this, Jordan Brand still has plans to develop and release the shoe. According to Balvin, this could happen as soon as November, which is about seven months away.

Stay tuned for updates on this sneaker as we will make sure to bring you all of the latest updates, as soon as they become available.