In the span of a week, J. Cole managed to overshadow Drake's album announcement with his own and deliver an album that many are calling one of the most important projects of this decade. K.O.D came as a surprise to many and even turned some of his haters into fans. The final track on the album was called, "1985 (Intro To "The Fall Off)." The song itself made headlines for seemingly throwing shots at the next generation. However, many fans assumed that was the title to his next album. It seems like they weren't wrong.

J. Cole's been on Twitter heavy today and has been answering a whole lot of fan questions. The "ATM" rapper has already revealed his favorite tracks on the album as well as revealing that a deluxe edition is on the way. However, that may not be the juiciest bit of info he's revealed. The rapper also seems to confirm that an album titled The Fall Off is currently in the works.

After a fan asked Cole about any details about, The Fall Off, he simply replied that he's working on it. Shortly after, a fan asked him what he was doing before he began working on K.O.D. and he revealed that he was not only working on The Fall Off but also putting in work for kiLL edward's album.

"Was working on the fall off. And helping kiLL edward with his album. @killhisways but he don't tweet a lot." He replied.

Cole's recent album had much to do with the concept of addiction and the themes were evident with each song on the album. Today, he also revealed that his Twitter spree was a "binge" for him. However, he may have possibly taken a shot at Kanye by saying that the Twittersphere has had a traumatic week. It's unsure if he's actually firing shots at Kanye but hey, Kanye feels like Cole is always taking shots at him so it's possible.