Not everyone was so happy with the epic day J. Cole has been having. Taking his frustrations to Twitter, Heems of now-defunct Das Racist had harsh words for J. Cole after what he perceived to be an unfair criticism of Kanye West on Jermaine's new track "False Prophets." Here's what Heems had to say: "J Cole coming at Kanye over a recycled Joey Badass beat? He should go back to his wheelhouse: raps about virginity, wet dreams, cumming fast."

Following up this tweet, Heems responded to the very predictable backlash that would follow dissing J. Cole. He didn't take back his initial comment, but softened the blow with humorous explanations and dodging. Check out the rest of Heems's tweets below.

Not sure if Heems is on Cole's radar. Time will tell. Shout out to Childish, though?