Here's hoping all the J. Cole fans got to see him on tour this year, because the North Carolina will not be playing any shows for quite a while. During his performance at The Meadows Music Festival in New York Saturday night, Cole broke some difficult news to the crowd, "Listen, before I get out of here, listen. This is my last show for a very long time," he said to the audible disappointment of fans.

One fan can heard screaming "new album!" in response, which seems like a logical reason as to why the rapper might be taking some time away from the tourbus. If that's the case, fans can't really be too disappointed, though the words "very long time" do seem pretty strong.

Of course, Cole's rumored collaborative project with Kendrick Lamar is always a topic of conversation at times like these. Last November, a mysterious release date was hinted at, but so far we haven't heard any new material from Cole. What does he have planned?