J. Cole has a knack for celebrating achievements in his career without the help of anybody else. While collaborative work is often what brings forth the best in artists, J. Cole is not one of those people as he prefers to go about the creation of his albums solo. Cole famously went platinum with no features with his album 2014 Forest Hills Drive, something that his fans will be the first to remind you of. While his most recent effort K.O.D. has several guest appearances by kiLL Edward, it turned out the mysterious artist was actually just a down-pitched J. Cole after all. Already achieving Gold status, K.O.D. is one of Cole's best works to date and one of the most popular songs has just been crowned with the same success.

Sharing the video for "ATM" shortly after the release of his most recent album, the song has been embraced by fans of conscious rap and mumble rap alike. While the two worlds do not usually mesh, Cole's "ATM" is hype enough to get crowds going and lyrical enough for his fans to vibe with. Out for just over a month, "ATM" is officially eligible for Gold certification by the RIAA, marking another impressive feat for the rapper as he crosses his fingers for another platinum plaque to hang in his home.

With K.O.D. no longer so fresh in our minds, where does it rank among the top albums of the year in your books?