What a great night for hip-hop fans. First, DMX and Snoop Dogg faced off in a celebration of their own musical prowess, delivering an incredible Verzuz battle on Apple Music. Then, J. Cole kept true to his word and released a double-pack of new songs, titled "Lion King On Ice" and "The Climb Back."

As you would expect, the North Carolina rapper's stature in rap amounted in large number of music fans taking the time to tune in to his drops, taking to their streaming service of choice. Despite the fact that Spotify promoted the new pack, which Cole titled Lewis Street, fans experienced anger when the cuts would not play on the app.

"JCole breaking Spotify with just 2 songs," wrote one person on Twitter. The sentiment was echoed by hundreds who rushed to play the new tunes but could not get through, receiving an error message when they tried over and over again.

Of course, Apple Music users took the opportunity to gloat, telling Spotify subscribers that they should have chosen the competition because of moments like this.

The issue appears to have since been resolved for most users.

Did you have an issue playing the new J. Cole songs last night? One of the tracks, "Lion King On Ice," appears to reference the rapper's relationship with Lil Pump, featuring somewhat of an "I told you so!" moment.