R&B singer J. Holiday, who is mostly known for his single "Bed," has gone off on an Instagram tangent in response to the Grammy nominations and the women that have received nods. Targeting Beyonce, SZA and Cardi B specifically, J tells the crew of black women to "stop using that fucking pain to make it OK to say some bullshit on your record, and get nominated for a Grammy for going through some bullshit, because so have I, as a black motherfucking [man].”

J is pissed that "black men [are] still losing to the women" even though respectable men have received a number of Grammy nods - Kendrick Lamar leads with seven and Bruno Mars with six.

J tries to make it evident that he means "no disrespect" adding, "I have absolute all respect for black women, but with that being said, understand this, man, black men, African-American men, men from the hood, we go through everything to make sure that who we care about are taken care of."

“We don’t swing our dicks around,” he added. “We don’t do all this bullshit to be seen. I could be that ni**a over here, fuckin’ ni**as up. I know a whole bunch of little bitch-ass ni**as that sing, that I can call they ass the fuck out, but I don’t.”

J's caption to his video reads, "Yes salty I lost to MJB I’m over it!" referring to his only Grammy nomination back in 2009, where Mary J. Blige’s Growing Pains took the win. 

Watch his full video below, what do you guys think?