James Prince, AKA J. Prince, is a luminary of the music industry. The Rap-A-Lot Records CEO is revered for his knowledge and sought after for his insight. During his conversation with Van Lathan for TheRed Pill podcast, he was asked to give his opinion on the implications of Kanye West's visit to the White House last week.

Many have criticized West for simply wanted to engage in dialogue with someone as polarizing as President Trump, considering his endorsement of oppressive dogma and the like. The value of such a question is has been put up for evaluation and placed in front of Prince. Although he might not share the same beliefs as Trump, he would be open to a discussion.

"If I had an invitation to go and sit with him, I would go. I can only speak for me because people have different reasons why they [...] wanna do different things."

In his opinion, the naysayers are blind to the possibilities of such a meeting.

"Their elevator only go up so far. Anyone who knows me, if I go, it's gon' be with purpose [...] And I'm about my people. Matter fact, they should welcome me to go. I'm that type of individual where I got character whether they looking or not."