During the peak of Tekashi 6ix9ine's issues with rival gangs, he was involved in an altercation in Houston after he attempted to enter J Prince Jr.'s birthday party. Back in March, 6ix9ine wanted all the smoke with the Prince family, calling our Junior for chasing his name for clout. The rainbow-haired rapper later earned a lesson of respect from J Prince Jr as he was informed that his family will not tolerate his shenanigans in their city. Many have taken issue with Tekashi's constant pestering and the issues even got to the big man himself with J Prince commenting on what exactly happened at the party.

During his interview with Sway in the Morning, J Prince gave insight on why his son took such issue with 6ix9ine showing up without an invite, telling Sway, "It was a situation where he really didn't want this guy coming to his party without speaking with him first. You know what I mean? But some kind of way, they showed up and he wasn't invited because the conversation hadn't been gotten. See, when a man is out there campaigning, you know what I mean, with different things, you never know when they're going to get elected so you don't wanna be in the car with him when a bullet pass him and hit you. You gotta get some kind of understanding about these kinds of people in your surroundings." 

With 6ix9ine constantly "campaigning" for negative energy, his sons did not want to take the risk of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. His explanation seems fully understandable when putting things into perspective. After all, he had just recently been threatened by a major gang in Texas the month prior. The topic comes up at the 19:21 point in the video below.