In the wake of releasing his memoir, The Art & Science of Respect, this summer, J. Prince has been making the press rounds. The legendary OG recently stopped by the LA Leakers, where conversation ultimately turned to the Drake and Pusha T beef. When asked about his involvement in playing mediator, Prince had this to say:

"This is something I saw before. And when I witnessed it before, the situation can go from 0-100 real quick," says Prince. "Knowing the possibilities of it going there, I'm a guy with some sense. I'm like 'OK, let me unplug the situation because ain't nothing good going to come of this." Eventually, the conversation shifts to the topic of "rap-beef rules," which has been a subject-du-jour within the hip-hop community.

During a sit-down with LeBron James, Drakevented about the "rules of engagement," which he seemed to feel Pusha broke upon mentioning 40. Styles P and Dave East proceeded to break down why Drizzy was wrong, that rap beef is a truly lawless environment. On that topic, Prince stands in line with Drake's reasoning. "I think that you can cross the lines of music. I believe life and death is in the tongue," he said. "You can speak some things and live and speak some things and do the opposite of living. With that being said and with that being true, you would want it to be some rules, but that's a matter of choice."  

You think there should be rules in rap beef, or is all indeed fair in love and war? Peep our own interview with J. Prince right here.