Friday night, Ja Morant almost threw down a dunk-of-the-year favorite on Kevin Love during the Grizzlies' 114-107 loss to the Cavaliers.

The almost-dunk happened early in the first quarter when Love attempted to take a charge on Morant's move to the basket.

Kevin Love responded to members of the press after the game saying, "He legit jumped over me. It was at the very end he clipped me with his leg, but I was so glad he missed that dunk... The kid is really special and you got to give credit where credit is due." He later commented on Twitter: "Ja almost ended my professional career with this dunk...that kid is something special 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻."

Nick Young also chimed in writing, "We almost lost K Love tonight."

Morant finished the game with 8 points and 11 assists, while Love recorded 21 points and 13 rebounds.

Both the Grizzlies (10-19) and Cavaliers (8-21) are in the midst of two forgettable seasons. With no current use for the team, Kevin Love has been linked to trade rumors in recent weeks. The Celtics are one team that is reportedly interested in the five-time all-star power forward. 

The Grizzlies' next matchup is against the Kings on Saturday and for the Cavs, their next game is Monday, against the Hawks.