Ja Rule insists that he "musically influenced" 50 Cent, even though Fif shut down Ja's request for a hit battle. The former rivals reignited their beef this week after Ja publicly challenged 50 to rise to the occasion during a call-in to Fat Joe and Swizz Beatz's IG live session. Swizz is a co-founder alongside Timbaland of the recently formed Verzuz series, which sees producers, rappers, and various artists going head-to-head on Instagram live with the best work of their career, Ja thought it was a good opportunity to mention his prospective opponent. Fif responded to the suggestion by making it very clear that he was not going to engage in such tomfoolery, later calling the idea "stupid" and claiming Ja was just trying to get attention. Ja fired back by calling the rap mogul a "coward," later inferring that Fif was just too "scared to compete" against him because he might lose.

50 Cent Ja Rule musical influence battle challengeNoam Galai/Getty Images for BudX

On Thursday, Ja took it even further by positioning himself as one of Fif's prominent influences on his career. The Fyre Festival leader retweeted a post by Ebro In The Morning that shows DJ Kast One and Peter Rosenberg playing his and 50's hits to determine who the winner would be. "Haha cute lil battle," Ja responded, "but let’s be honest I musically INFLUENCED 50... let’s talk about!!! Lmao."

It looks like Fif has yet to respond to these claims. Do you agree with Ja Rule about his "musical influence" on 50 Cent?