There's a photo presently going viral across social media, showing the moment that Jack Harlow and Saweetie laid eyes on one another at the BET Awards this weekend. The two rappers previously worked together on the "Tap In" remix and on Sunday night, they showed the world that they've got some in-person chemistry together. 

The picture that everyone is talking about shows the two seemingly flirting with each other with their eyes on the red carpet, but we hadn't seen the moment that birthed the photo until now. The Shade Room has officially shared their video interview with Saweetie, which Jack interrupted to shoot his shot.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Saweetie was just getting started on a quick interview with The Shade Room when Jack Harlow interrupted her first question. "Hi, Saweetie," he said, catching the rapper off-guard. She responded hesitantly before he introduced himself. "I know [who you are]," she said. Then, a part of their conversation wasn't picked up by the microphones, but Jack appears to apologize for interrupting the interview before giving her a compliment.

"You don't like getting caught off guard?" asked Jack as he flirtatiously held Saweetie's hand. "Why you shaking?" she asked him. 

Saweetie seemingly already knew that the internet (and specifically The Shade Room) would run off and make a story out of their encounter, which is exactly what's happening. "Y'all better not be messy with this shit," she urged.

Do you think Saweetie and Jack Harlow might have a thing brewing?