Sniper Gang celebrated a massive victory when Kodak Black received a pardon, expediting his federal sentence and allowing him to return home to his family early. While a major win for the collective, it seems like Jackboy has just got himself into some trouble again. According to a report from TMZ, the rapper was pulled over and arrested while out in Georgia, which then led to him racking up a gun charge.

Officers from the Monroe County Police Department in Georgia say they pulled over the blue Lamborghini SUV the rapper was riding in a month ago when a cop noticed the vehicle was not staying in one lane. According to details from the report, cops smelled marijuana in the vehicle during the routine traffic spot, which prompted him to call for further backup to conduct a full search. 

Cops say that during the search, they discovered 2 unregistered firearms in the passenger side of the glove compartment where Jackboy was sitting: a 9m and a Glock. 

According to the report, Jackboy claimed he had no idea the guns were in the vehicle, while the backseat passenger claimed they were his. The problem for the Pompano Beach native is that once officers ran his record, they discovered he was a convicted felon, meaning it would have been illegal for him to be even within arms reach of a gun. 

The "Like a Million" rapper was arrested and booked for possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. He was able to meet the bond set at $2,500 later on the same day.

Jackboy and his crew were able to escape on a small verbal warning for the amount of weed found on them, luckily not having to swallow it whole this time around.