Walmart's attempt to capitalize on the hottest trends backfired on them yesterday after they were called out for selling fake chains with Lil Baby's 4PF chains. Baby even responded on Twitter, saying, "Walmart got me fucced up." Though it produced plenty of hilarious memes and reactions, it looks like Lil Baby isn't the only artist they've been biting.

While Kodak Black's Sniper Gang continues to establish itself as a clothing brand and record label, Jackboy took notice of Walmart's attempt to bite the SG logo in the same way they did Baby's 4PF. Jackboy hit the 'Gram with a screenshot of a fake Sniper Gang chain being sold on Walmart's website and quickly threatened legal action.

"@Walmart Y’all Better Hope Y’all Can’t Get Sued Because If So Sniper Gang About To Have Are Own Walmart," he wrote. "SniperMart Coming Soon," he added with the demon emoji.

Jackboy's been holding down the fortress since Kodak Black's arrest, and even expanding the SG brand into the world of toiletry. In the midst of his recent spat with NBA Youngboy, and the toilet paper shortage, Jackboy, and Kodak Black revealed that they were selling toilet paper with Youngboy's face on it. Maybe the idea of a SniperMart isn't all that far fetched.