The Jackson family has never been perfect, but with Michael long passed and the rest of the family comfortably settled into middle age, the controversy that’s surrounded the family has mostly died down. However the behavior of a nephew of Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael, Janet and the other Jackson siblings, has thrust the family back into the spotlight.

Katherine Jackson, who mothered the famed Jackson family, filed a lawsuit against her nephew Trent Jackson earlier this week. She is alleging elder abuse and has been granted a restraining order against Trent, who is the son of brother-in-law Lawrence Jackson. A hearing has been set for March 1.

Trent Lamar Jackson was initially employed by his family as a driver for the 86 year old Katherine Jackson, but the lawsuit claims that “over time [he] has infiltrated Mrs. Jackson’s business and person affairs.” The abuse described includes monitoring her phone calls with family members, falsely imprisoning her in Indiana for a month and accessing her bank accounts without her permission.

He is being fired from his position, but Katherine has elected to remain in London with her daughter Janet because she’s too afraid of Trent to return home, despite the restraining order.

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