The man who fatally shot two people and injured another at a protest for Jacob Blake last night in Kenosha has been arrested and charged with homicide.

Last night, a man was reported to have brought a long rifle to the protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, opening fire and killing two people. A third person was brought to the hospital with non-critical injuries.

The incident was said to have been under investigation and now, TMZ is confirming that the shooter has been identified as Kyle Rittenhouse, who has been arrested and charged with homicide.

The shooter, who has been described as a "vigilante," was arrested in Antioch, Illinois. He was booked for first-degree homicide and will appear in court later this week. 

Brandon Bell/Getty Images

There have been many reports surrounding the tragic events at last night's protests, including some that suggest that Rittenhouse walked right by police officers with his long gun and was thanked for helping them, even being offered water. 

The protests were staged following Jacob Blake's shooting over the weekend. The 29-year-old Black man was attempting to intervene in a verbal altercation between two women in his neighborhood. He got into his car, in which his three sons were also seated, and was shot as many as eight times. His father confirmed that he is paralyzed from the waist down. The damage is expected to be permanent. His family attorney also confirmed that he suffered a severed spinal cord, shattered vertebrae and severe damage to the organs in the shooting.

Brandon Bell/Getty Images

We will keep you updated on any developments. As of now, two officers have been placed on administrative leave and no arrests were made in Jacob Blake's shooting.