The identity of the cop that fired seven shots in Jacob Blake's back has been identified. According to TMZ, officials on the case have identified Rusten Sheskey as the police officer who fired the shots. As the Wisconsin Department of Justice Division continues their investigation on the matter, they shared information on the initial report of the shooting which reveals Sheskey as the triggerman.

Police were dispatched to a residence following a call of a domestic incident. TMZ reports Kenosha Police arrived to the scene after a woman called the station about her boyfriend being at her residence when he wasn't meant to be there. The DOJ said police's attempt to arrest and taser Blake fell short in their attempts to stop him. The DOJ then described what we've seen in the gutwrenching video where Blake walks to the driver's door to his vehicle that his children were in when Sheskey pulled his shirt and fired seven shots.

Jacob's family has stepped forth to reveal that he is currently paralyzed from the waist down and will need a miracle in order to walk again after a bullet went through his spinal cord. 

The state said they will continue to review the evidence of the case before turning over their findings to the prosecutor to file charges.