If you've been following Jacquees' career for a few years, you know that the artist always comes through with some of the best remixes in the business. Offering his own touch on a handful of the world's top songs, Jacquees' "Quemixes" receive a decent amount of attention. When his version of Ella Mai's "Trip" started doing better than the original, the remix was mysteriously removed from SoundCloud and YouTube. Mustard, one of Ella Mai's label representatives, explained that they had sent a cease and desist since he had monetized the remix without their authorization. With the controversial situation being one of the most buzzworthy music moments this month, Jacquees went on a live stream to give his side of the story, describing why he spit over "Trip" in the first place. 

Before previewing a new Quemix of a Daniel Caesar track, the Atlanta crooner spoke on why he decided to upload his version of "Trip." "I’m just remixing it because I like it," said the singer. "I been doing this shit forever. And it’s all love. It ain’t no ‘I’m tryna be better than you’ or none of that shit. I do this shit. And people gon’ say what they wanna say. So it’s like, that’s just what it is."

Many were surprised to hear of the action taken to prevent people from hearing Jacquees' remix, especially considering how successful it had become. Mustard has said that he will no longer comment on the issue.