Fans have been devastated over the removal of Jacquees' "Trip" remix from YouTube and SoundCloud. So devastated that they're finding the most creative ways to bring the track back to life. While Jacquees was seemingly hit with a cease and desist letter from Mustard on behalf of Ella Mai, his diehard followers are trying anything to be able to hear the track again. Many agreed that the Quemix was even better than the original, which likely prompted the song to be taken down in the first place. Now, you can listen to it in the most unusual spot that you probably can think of.

An account named Jman890 (which could very well be Jacquees in disguise) uploaded the hit onto PornHub, leading some to either scratch their heads or happily jam out. The Shade Room managed to get a screenshot of the song in its full glory on PornHub. We'll let you find it yourself this time since, well, I'm not about to go on PornHub at work.

Mustard responded to the allegations that he had the track removed last week, saying that Ella Mai had no say in the cease and desist letter that was sent.

This isn't the first time that music has been uploaded to the adult entertainment website as U.K. drill rappers have been posting their songs there as a result of the censorship issues they've encountered on YouTube. While this is probably not Jacquees' doing, it's a pretty smart fan initiative to keep the track alive.