Last week, Jacquees was hit with a cease and desist letter over the monetization of his "Trip" remix. The track belongs to Ella Mai and while it hasn't surpassed the popularity of her breakout effort "Boo'd Up," it has still been a success story for her. When Jacquees hopped on a "Quemix" of the song, which he does on a regular basis with artists he's repping, it picked up heavy traction with many hailing it as superior to the original version. Suddenly, it was taken down from SoundCloud and YouTube, the only two platforms it had been uploaded to, and Ella Mai took most of the blame. Mustard stepped up to note that it was actually he who had sent the cease and desist. Fans got creative yesterday, uploading the remix to PornHub, of all places, expecting that it wouldn't get shut down. Just a day later though, it has already been removed.

It seems weird for a song to be too hot for an adult entertainment site but the cut, which was uploaded by a user named Jman890, is now nowhere to be found. Apparently, actions were taken from PornHub to remove the song from their site for fear of a lawsuit. TMZ notes that the remix was racking up a significantly larger number of streams than the original.

Anybody that was looking for "Trip" on the website is unfortunately out of luck. Jacquees has since been joking about the situation on Twitter. He's also released a new Quemix of Drake's "Jaded," which is still available for streaming.