Tupac and Jada Pinkett Smith's history dates back to their childhood. And even when they became stars in Hollywood, they remained close friends up until the rapper's death. In fact, their relationship was so tight that it appears that Jada stood by 'Pac's side, even when it came down to business. In a recent interview with HipHollywood, Power star and legendary actor Larenz Tate said that Jada turned down a role in Dead Presidents because it was directed by the Hughes Brothers.

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images 

"We’re on set in New Orleans talking about that experience,” Tate said. “I said, ‘I talked to the Hughes brothers and you were supposed to be in the movie.’ And she says ‘I was.’ She was like, ‘I couldn’t do it because, at the time, I was really close with Tupac and Tupac had this beef with the Hughes brothers.’"

Tate explained that he had already known she had the opportunity to take on the role of Delilah in the film. However, this conversation took place when they ended up together as co-stars on Girls Trip. He added that Jada already knew it might make things weird between the two if she had worked alongside the Hughes Brothers after 'Pac's beef with them.

"She had a good relationship with Tupac and she didn’t want to get in the middle of it. She thought if she had done that movie, it would’ve been a little weird," he added.

Tupac's beef with the Hughes Brothers has been revisited on plenty of occasions but in short, there was a rift between them on the set of Menace II Society which resulted in 'Pac throwing hands.