Top-tier weed is a major factor in pulling a community together, according to Jadakiss. Jay-Z’s cannabis brand MONOGRAM launched a web series titled "High Tales" and started it off right with the “We Gonna Make It” rapper and his personal weed experiences with people from all different parts of the entertainment industry. 

In Jadakiss’ own high tale, he recalled the first time he smoked with the ultimate weed connoisseur Snoop Dogg. The Ruff Ryders were scheduled to have a video shoot for "WW III," also featuring Scarface, Snoop Dogg, and Yung Wun. The potential smoke session was the topic of conversation among the rapper and his friends.

"I know he gonna bring some West Coast strains over here. I'ma try to get some New York, some Purple Haze, some Sour Diesel, some of the stuff we've got over here to bring to the video to smoke with Snoop." 

snoop dogg smoking weed

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Jadakiss took it upon himself to test Snoop’s weed knowledge and see if he would be able to recognize that he was smoking Haze. It was no surprise that he recognized it immediately.  

In the episode's intro, Jadakiss said, “Weed breaks the tension in any room.” During his recount of smoking at the Grammys after-party, which he didn’t want to attend in the first place, Jadakiss mentioned sharing hits with the late Penny Marshall and Mark Wahlberg, among others. 

Original Bad Boys actor Sean Penn passed through and asked for hits too. The rapper says it’s still one of the craziest star-studded moments he’s had to this day. 

The full interview can be found below.