Jaden Smith (or just Jaden) has been trying to convince the world that he and Tyler, The Creator are in a committed relationship. The persistent troll actually got a few people to believe him when he made the announcement on stage last year but he's since been spotted getting close to a number of model types so we're guessing that either he and Tyler aren't entirely exclusive or they were never a thing to begin with. Earlier today, he made the switch to go by one name only and if he uses the same philosophy with his women, that means he's likely broken up with his girlfriend Odessa Adlon.

Michael Kovac/Getty Images

The young artist had been in a relationship with Odessa Adlon for over one year but judging by reports about what went down at Coachella, she appears to be out of the picture. As reported by Daily Mail, Jaden was spotted out and about with a mystery brunette yesterday, also enjoying a steamy make-out session at Coachella over the weekend. The rumored couple seemingly could not keep their eyes off of each other, embracing on a park bench and leading many to believe that he and Odessa are done.

Take a look at the photos here and give us your judgment. Do you think he's better with Odessa, this new girl or Tyler, The Creator?

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