Our Boy Jaden Smith isn't finished blessing us with his acting chops. He stars in the new skateboard flic Skate Kitchen, surrounded by strong female leads portrayed by members of the real-life New York City-based skating crew that bears the same name as the film: Rachelle Vinberg, Dede Lovelace, Nina Moran, Ajani Russell, and Kabrina Adams. Smith plays Vinberg's apparent love interest, a crush that instigates conflict in the crew she creates. The plot doesn't end at the teenage romance. Based on all the action shown in the trailer, including a fight between the lead character and her mother, we can say that family, friendship, and growth are all part of the themes explored in the film. The movie is directed by Crystal Moselle and comes as her latest effort following her documentary The Wolfpack, which won the 2015 Sundance U.S. Documentary Grand Prize.

On a music tip, Jaden just released his latest club banger "Ghost." He also got his father to hop on a remixed version of "Icon." We have those who are more interested in his personal life covered, dishing about Jaden's moving out at the age of 15 and on how his mom knew he was no longer a virgin. He's also somewhat of a humanitarian.