Jaden Smith has been proving his worth in music for a minute. A few years ago, he was clowned for his fashion choices, choosing to wear skirts and challenging gender norms through his style. His Twitter ramblings are reminiscent of Kanye West at times with his philosophical mind bringing him on existential rants, turning him into a meme at times. While many may still know him as being Will Smith's son, Jaden's song "Icon" has built him a platform that he likely never expected, garnering over 70 million views on the music video. As he continues to rise in the music ranks, Jaden stopped by Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show to chat and perform the hit song.

During his interview, the young Smith revealed that his creative process usually doesn't involve writing things down as he feels freer when getting into the booth and unleashing a freestyle. On cue, he spit a few rhymes pertaining to his experience on Fallon before heading into a performance of "Icon." As the intro hit, Jaden let out his meanest moon-walk, honoring Michael Jackson's iconic move during the performance as well. Jaden has likely learned a lot from his dad as he appears to put on an exciting performance.

Check out clips from his appearance below and let us know how you think his moonwalk fares against the King of Pop.