Maybe Jaden is biting too hard into his eccentric reputation, like a deadpan comic frozen into character. For his GQ fashion editorial, the Smith progeny spoke of his major fashion influences, and the choices he made are none too serious. First off, Jaden told Sam Schube that Tyler, the Creator was the single most important influence on his personal style, for showing him his favorite brand, Supreme. "Like, I never cared about Supreme until Tyler," said the 20 year old.

The second greatest influence in his personal style is Batman with whom he's derived much inspiration, first as "maverick white" Batman in his video of the same name. Then he wore Batman's protective armor to Kanye West & Kim Kardashian's wedding, after testing out the garment's elasticity at his prom.

The third and possibly strangest influencer is not only fictitious, but moreover a figure of Greek Mythology. "Poseidon—I feel like he always comes with the next-level vibes," said Jaden. The interviewers stared at him quizzically before he repeated his sentence, albeit with a trace of a smirk. The GQ writer enlivened Jaden's source material by drawing a connection to the rapper-actor's preference for Poseidon-like drapery and Louis Vuitton womanswear, for which he is a brand ambassador and an ardent fan. The rest of the editorial can be read here.