The Jacksonville Jaguars dropped to 3-3 on the season on Sunday after surrendering 40 points to the Dallas Cowboys in a brutal 40-7 loss on the road. The Jags, who started the year 3-1 including a win over the New England Patriots, have now given up 70 points in their last two games.

All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey was left nearly speechless when addressing the media after Sunday's defeat, in which Ezekiel Elliott rushed for over 100 yards and Dak Prescott had a passer rating of 107.5. The typically chatty cornerback didn't have much to say other than "I don't know."

How much of a shock is it that this defense comes out and gets their ass beat considering the talent you guys have?

Ramsey: I don't know, man.

You guys have played together a lot as a secondary. How do you explain some of the blown assignments you guys had early in this game?

Ramsey: Mmhm. Got to watch the film.

Coach said he felt it wasn't an effort issue. It was a miscommunication issue. Do you agree with that?

Ramsey: I don't know.

Jalen, what challenge did Cole Beasley pose today?

Ramsey: I don't know.

This defense usually plays with a lot of swagger and confidence. What needs to happen to get you guys motivated?

Ramsey: I don't know.

Do you got what it takes in this room to do what it takes to kind of regroup and get back on track? 

Ramsey: We'll see.

Is this still the best defense in the NFL, Jalen?

Ramsey: We ain't playing like it.

There was a time in 2016 you thought the Cowboys would take you instead of Zeke. Did you have a chance to talk to Zeke today?

Ramsey: That don't matter.

How big is this one coming up with Houston at home, a division game?

Ramsey: It's the next one.

Is your guys' pride wounded a little bit?

Ramsey: I don't know.

You personally, I mean, have you experienced a loss like this?

Ramsey: I don't remember.