Jahlil Beats has been Meek Mill's in-house producer for some time, and the two have crafted a very successful formula together, and scoring some pretty big hits with "I'm A Boss" and "Burn". The producer spoke with HHS1987 recently, detailing his work with Meek, as well as giving us some deatils on what to expect from the rapper's upcoming project, Dreamchasers 3.

Jahlil spoke about the importance of the producer/rapper team. "I feel being a producer and having an artist, and a artist having a producer, it’s an advantage because now you don’t have to go find your sound," he said. "Meek got his sound, so he’s always going to be successful. We have a formula…Kendrick [Lamar] dropped a classic album. He got his producers. He came with his sound. You look at dudes like DMX, what he did with Swizz [Beatz]. You got to have that sound. Jay-Z with Just Blaze and Kanye [West], The Blueprint. It’s a lot easier. You have an advantage. All these dudes are the top dudes in the game.”

On Dreamchasers 3, the producer let go of a couple of details on what he and Meek have in the works. "We got a whole bunch of records," he revealed. "We still making records. I know 'Levels' is killing it right now. We did a record where I sample the Ruff Ryders' 'Down Bottom' It’s a real crazy party record…We got a record we did with Future that’s crazy. We got a joint where I sampled the 'Ghostbusters' joint he just going off on.”

Jahlil then revealed the reason behind abandoning sample-based productions was a financial one. "I ain’t trying to share my publishing," he said. "If you sample they might take 80%, leave you with 20. They getting paid off a record they did 20 years ago...So I like to do a lot of my stuff from scratch because I want all my publishing. I’m stingy with mine."

Watch the full interview below.