Dr. Dre's Detox is the closest thing we have to a legitimate hip-hop legend. The lore surrounding the lost album could fill several tomes; fans may remember the days of leaked reference tracks and singles like "Kush." Dre's penchant for perfectionism has been a blessing and a curse, taking an especially hefty toll on the oft-delayed Detox. Ultimately, perhaps it was for the best, as we received the underrated Compton as a consolation prize. Either way, the idea of Dre's musical vaults has long taunted fans; think of all the unreleased music withering away. 

A few days back, a couple of unreleased Dr. Dre tracks surfaced, and began circulating around the internet. While we can't post the leaks, rest assured that they are out there. A medley of snippets has been strung together, and while some were perhaps better suited for the cutting room floor, there are definitely some potential bangers in the mix. While Dre's camp has been largely quiet about the leak, it would appear that producer Jake One has broken the silence via Twitter.

"Oh shit! I produced the first and last songs on this," writes Jake, retweeting the leaked snippets; interestingly enough, the first beat in question is 50 Cent's "50 For President," which evidently started life as a Dre joint. "Surprised to see these surface." When pressed about the full version, Jake admits he hasn't heard his Dre collaborations in "10 years." It's crazy to think that Detox was almost certainly finished; one can only wonder what it would have sounded like. Perhaps now, we can formulate a more accurate hypothesis.