Over the next few weeks, the New York Knicks will be continuing their head coaching search. It remains to be seen who they're going to end up choosing, although it seems like Tom Thibodeau is near the top of their list. However, many other names have been mentioned as fans hope the team goes in a different direction.

NBA analyst and former player Jalen Rose has always been critical of the Knicks but this time around, he's trying to give the team some solid advice. While speaking to Marc Berman of the New York Post, Rose was adamant that the Knicks should either pick between Mark Jackson or Jason Kidd. 

Jalen Rose

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Endometriosis Foundation of America

“The hardest thing for a coach to do is develop a superstar,’’ said Rose. “Jason Kidd, all he did was help develop the Greek Freak. He wasn’t even in the Green Room [during the draft]. He came out of the stands [selected 15th in 2013]. [...] I’d compliment Mark Jackson for what he was able to do with the Warriors. Developing the Splash Brothers. Ten years ago, [Jackson] said they’d be the greatest shooting backcourt of all time and he was coaching them. And Draymond Green, he was a second-round pick.”

Rose's reasoning here is certainly interesting and if you're a Knicks fan, you can't be angry at these picks. Jackson certainly deserves to be a head coach again, and Kidd is a players' guy who always knows how to get the best out of his men.

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