James Harden seemingly just doesn't give a damn. This week, a video was released on social media, showing the superstar forward partying at a Houston-area strip club. According to several sources, including ESPN, the video was taken this week for the club's Christmas party and it could result in Harden missing the season opener because of the league's COVID-19 guidelines.

It's no secret that James Harden has been trying to get traded away from the Houston Rockets. While he may deny that fact in interviews, his entire demeanor just reeks of someone that doesn't want to be there. He finally reported to practice with the Rockets, but he's still pulling stuff off-court that is likely to affect his ability to play for the team. Most recently, he was caught partying at a strip club, failing to wear a mask or social distancing, and reportedly breaking the league's COVID-19 guidelines. 

According to ESPN's Tim MacMahon, the Rockets and league officials are investigating to confirm that the video below was recent, in which case Harden would likely be suspended from the first game of the NBA season, which would cost him $284,517. The NBA's COVID-19 protocol prohibits players from going to bars, clubs, and more, as well as hanging out with more than 15 people at once. He previously broke the protocol by partying with Lil Baby for the rapper's birthday.

We will keep you posted on James Harden's status for tonight's game.