Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden are both MVP-worthy players who play in completely different conferences. Last season, Giannis won the MVP trophy just a year after Harden had done the same thing. However, it was quite clear that the Rockets and Harden were upset about this, as they constantly complained about it for the length of a summer. These complaints got back to Giannis who proceeded to slander Harden at every single opportunity, seemingly unprovoked.

This season, the two have had a spirited back and forth, with Harden claiming that anyone can play basketball like Giannis if they are tall and strong. Well, last night the two got to hash it out, with Harden and the Rockets coming out on top. After the game, Harden - who was criticized by Giannis for bad defense - was asked by a reporter if he has any problems with the Greek Freak. As you can imagine, Harden opted to deflect by saying "Next question."

For now, these two won't be seeing each other again except maybe in the hallways of the NBA bubble. However, on the court, the only way these two meet up again is if they both make it to the NBA Finals. While this is certainly a possibility for Giannis and the Bucks, the Rockets have some stiff competition out West.

Either way, this is a rivalry we are most definitely here for.