James Harden has been in the news quite a bit as of late and it hasn't exactly been for the best reasons. As it stands, Harden is looking for a trade out of Houston and while that isn't bad on its own, it is clear that his behavior has been less than stellar. It all started with the former MVP ditching the start of training camp so he could be hanging out with the likes of Lil Baby. Just yesterday, it was revealed that Harden had been at a strip club with no mask, leading to the postponing of his team's first regular-season game.

According to Tim Bontemps of ESPN, none of this is bringing down Harden's trade value as the player is still considered to be a massive asset. There are multiple teams out there who are trying to get their hands on him, with some clubs going the extra mile to make sure he's a good fit.

James Harden

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

In Bontemps' report, it was revealed that one team has hired a private investigator that has been tasked with gathering as much intel on Harden as possible. Simply put, they want to do a background check on the player to make sure he's going to be good to go if and when he is traded to that team.

For now, however, a trade doesn't seem to be imminent and with the recent drama surrounding the Rockets, it looks like they have bigger fish to fry, at the moment.