There has been a whole lot of drama going down in Houston over the last few days. It all started when the Houston Rockets traded Russell Westbrook for the likes of John Wall. At the time, many thought this was what superstar James Harden wanted, although it was quickly revealed that Harden couldn't care less. In fact, Harden was partying it up with Lil Baby instead of attending Rockets camp. Now, however, Harden is in Houston and will be participating in practices, moving forward.

According to ESPN, this doesn't mean Harden is happy in Houston, all of a sudden. Now, it's being reported that Harden still wants to be traded regardless of the team's acquisition of Wall. Despite this, Harden realizes he still needs to be a team player and is ready to start the season with the Rockets.


"For the Rockets, this is necessary for the team to operate under new coach Stephen Silas while also allowing for some leverage in the trade market to get closer to full value for Harden. The appearance of a distressed asset only hinders an organization in making a trade of this magnitude, and Harden has expressed understanding of that concept, as well as the idea that it may take time to find a trade that returns appropriate value to the Rockets, sources said."

It remains to be seen who Harden might be traded to, although for now, the biggest frontrunners are the Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets, and Philadelphia 76ers.

James Harden

Michael Reaves/Getty Images