Jamie Foxx has greatly contributed to several fields including the television, film and music industry. We all remember Jamie Foxx classics as much as we remember the dazzling performances the multitalented actor has delivered on screen. In most recent news, Variety report that Foxx will be honoured for the aforementioned contributions with a Spotlight Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival. The award is not only tied to his acting efforts but also his amazing act in the movie Just Mercy. The award is expected to be given on January 2nd of next year. 

Just Mercy tells the story of a wrongfully convicted Black man and features Jamie Foxx as a supporting actor. Thus far, he has already snagged a SAG nomination for best-supporting actor along with much accolades from film critics. Festival chairman Harold Matzner shared the following on Foxx's account: "This is an inspiring drama that brings an important story about how our justice system can fail to the big screen. It is a story that audiences should see. It is our honor to present the spotlight award, actor to Jamie Foxx." Jamie Foxx will be joining the following individuals as 2020's recipient of this award: Antonio Banderas, Jennifer Lopez, Joaquin Phoenix and Charlize Theron amongst others.